Sunday, November 12, 2006

Microsoft image !

The amount of anti-microsoft pages is surprising. i don't know why theres even an entire sites.. that dedicate it self for logging MS flaws.

As a good practis i read earlier.. try searching for the word Evil Empire on google Microsoft will appear in the first page. also you may have a look at
which was tracking every flaws that microsoft had.

Also i have read a post lately on how Microsoft have to fund a open source projects - which is already happend DotNetNuke - to clear it's image.

ounistly saying that Microsoft not enjoing as Google for example enjoing it's cool bran.. even Microsoft trying to do so - having a cool brand name - by releseing Live! brand. but this is not answering why theres many anti-ms around?

the anser in my humble opinion is the media.

first ask any passer what is the weekness of Windows over linux ? he will start telling you how is linux is far more secure than windows.. (i known pepole said that, they never use linux). so how these pepole got this opinion ? baaaam yep MEDIA.
okay heard someone saying they yes got it from media but is truth then check this page US-CERT - United States computer emergancey readiness team
also get this document compering Linus to Windows

Didn'r anyone notic the battery explosion news.. were Sony battaries have been pulled out of the market... these battaries was installed in the most known computer manifactures labtops if not this peopaly cuz the media was busy puplishing flaws of Vista before the release. anyway check this, theres Nine million lithium-ion laptop batteries over the past few months, after ignoring persistent reports that some batteries had overheated so much they burst into flames. how's more newsworthy we are not talking here about security hole that may or may not cuz at the maxinum risk lose of money we are talking here about DEATH RISK.
but with no appearant resone the media didn't act as much as the papers published for a hole discoverd in the testing phase even before the RTM milestone. more news about Sony battaries explosion,71652-0.html?tw=wn_technology_3

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